Although she’s been making music professionally for 25 years, it wasn’t until recently that Debra-Jean Creelman felt she had finally found her voice. You could chalk it up to the confidence that comes with maturity, freedom from not having to live up to any scene or critic’s expectations, or the long hours of teaching music to bright-eyed students – but the most likely cause is the calm that comes from chaos. “I started making this record right in the middle of a crash course in mortality, upheaval, and loss. The version of myself and the life that I had been clinging to had been shattered, “ Debra-Jean explains. The result is the 6-song experimental electro-pop EP Triggers & Mirrors, a true collaboration between herself, co-writer and producer James Meger, producer/engineer Jesse Zubot, and vocalist and creative collaborator Molly Guldemond. “These songs are just as much James’ as they are mine. He built tracks around my hesitant demo vocals, and he, Jesse, and Molly supported me musically (and otherwise) as I gained confidence and momentum throughout the process. Coming out the other side of it, I feel stronger, happier, and more inspired to make music than I have in a very long time.”